This young horse really does have it all…. Incredible movement showing true natural power and cadence, with an outstanding carachter, its like he has been here before. For someone who wants a super talented young horse without that often “fizzy” brain that comes with it, this is the guy for you. He has the talent desired by a professional but would also suit an ambitious amateur.

His paces are really special and he is strong across all 3. His walk has great rhythm, plenty over track and good swing. His trot is expressive, showing lovely knee action and reach with a clear moment of natural suspension and his canter is super powerful, uphill, ground covering and effortless. He is already so balanced and finds his work easy due to his super confirmation; strong and compact. He is without a doubt a future international prospect and a super horse to aim at the age classes.

His incredible character matches his talent….he is an absolute joy to be around. Extremely well mannered to lead about, very easy to handle. Every time we have loaded him, he goes on like hes done it a million times before. We have had him to different venues to show him the world a bit and so far nothing has fazed him. He is gentle, kind, loves to be groomed etc and never a minutes hassle. A beautiful horse inside and out.

He has been recently thoroughly 5 stage vetted with a full set of xrays inc neck and back, approved by specialist orthopaedic vets in this country.