Here at Oaklands we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in exporting horses worldwide, mainly to the USA, and we understand how daunting it can be buying a horse from the other side of the world.


We can take care of all the logistics for you, including Ministry vetting, blood tests etc, and we only use shipping companies that take pride in making sure your new horse receives first class care on his journey to his new home.

We have many satisfied clients who have imported horses from us most of whom had never imported a horse before, but were pleasantly surprised at how smooth the whole process was, with us taking care of everything for them, making the export/import procedure as stress free as possible.

I have been buying dressage horses for about ten years, from Medium to Olympic horses and nothing was as hassle free as buying a horse through Lottie Flinn.I knew Lottie as she rode for Byrds NW at the same time as my daughter and knew her to be a hard worker, very open and with a good eye for a horse.In the past I have bought trained horses but I decided I would like a project so began watching Lottie’s videos.three caught my eye so went to see them.They were exactly what Lottie said they were and I didnt progress with the sale of the first two as one was too small and one was too big for me.Lottie took my request seriously and then found me the perfect horse with amazing talent but a super temperament (very important as I keep my horses at home).The vetting went smoothly and so Woody arrived at my yard.Since he has arrived he hasnt put a foot wrong and is now known as my secret due to how special by the odd person who has seen him at work.We hope to do the young horse classes with him this year and I really hope Lottie will be around to see what a star she has found me.thanks for everything.

Lady Derby – Knowsley Hall, Merseyside