It doesnt get much more perfect that this horse!!

3 amazing paces, a lovely rhythmical walk with a good over track, a big, powerful trot already showing great cadence and a huge uphill canter powered by his amazing hind leg.

His breeding is very sought after, his half brother Valegro obviously needs no introduction! He has the same fabulous build and engine!

If that isnt enough, his temperament really is second to none! He is the most chilled out, easy going horse we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He hacks out, never looks at a thing. Doesnt need lunging before you get on, doesnt need riding every day to keep him sane, first time we clipped him he fell asleep (and no he hadnt been sedated ) First time for the farrier he was amazing. Nothing we throw at him phases him at all. He will happily take a novice for a stroll then switch up into top class dressage mode when asked! He really is one in a million and destined for the higher levels due to his fabulous trainability and natural talent.

He has been broken over the summer and brought on slowly by professionals, so has had the best start possible. He loves people, loves cuddles and will make someone the best dressage horse you could wish for.